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Fit on a Floppy

1.44mb Floppy Disk capacity
Webpages are getting bigger and bigger. The internet is getting faster and faster but not everywhere at the same pace. A floppy is a physical reminder of filesize.
Assets Audited (On page load):
  • HTML
  • CSS/Fonts
  • JavaScript
  • Images (excluding inline data source)
How long to download on various mobile devices:
  • 2G EDGE (0.1Mbit/s): 2 minutes
  • 3G HSPA (~1.5Mbit/s): 8 seconds
  • 4G LTE Category 4 (~15Mbit/s): less than 1 second
  • 5G (~150Mbit/s): less than 1 second

Will it fit?

Some tips to reduce page size

Audit tools